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What To Do If Your Child Knocks Out A Tooth

17 October

If your child comes running up to you because they accidentally knocked out a tooth, you need to know how to handle it. Just because a tooth has been knocked out doesn’t mean that it has to stay knocked out. There are things that you can do that will help the tooth start healing.  Handle It […]

Conservative Wisdom Tooth Removal: 4 Things You Need To Know About Having A Coronectomy

29 September

Have you been told recently that you need to have a coronectomy? While less common than traditional wisdom tooth removal, the coronectomy procedure is a more conservative procedure for removing problematic wisdom teeth. Here are four things you need to know about having a coronectomy. 1. A Coronectomy Treats Impacted Wisdom Teeth When a wisdom […]

Can A Tooth Abscess Cause A Blood Infection?

02 August

Decaying teeth are the demon with a tooth abscess because dead tissue and harmful bacteria are the direct results of an infection in the center of your tooth. The white blood cells/pus gathers and will need to be treated with antibiotics. Sometimes, it leads to sepsis which is a blood infection. Continue reading to see […]

3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Teeth Clean On A Camping Trip

02 August

If you are planning to go camping during your next vacation, you may be concerned that your teeth will suffer from the event. After all, there will be no traditional bathroom sink as there is in your home, and you may not feel as though you can clean your teeth properly. Here are a few […]

3 Things To Do If Your Toddler Chips A Tooth

02 August

With the amount of time that toddlers spend exploring the world around them, it’s no surprise that injuries are bound to happen. While some injuries can be treated at home, other injuries, such as those that affect the teeth and gums, should be evaluated by a dental professional. To learn more about how to handle […]

How Dentists Predict That Your Teenager Will Need His/Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

18 July

If you have recently been informed by your family dentist that your teen’s wisdom teeth will need to be removed, you may be wondering how it is your dentist would know that when your teen’s wisdom teeth have not erupted yet. There are actually several indicators that a dentist looks at, which help him or […]

2 Tips To Prevent Your Inlays And Onlays From Developing A Bacterial Infection

29 June

If you suffer from cavities and other tooth decay, then your dentist may suggest getting inlays and onlays. This dental restoration works to patch up the areas of your teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. Inlays and onlays work just as well as traditional fillings and crowns. While inlays and onlays work well […]

Top 4 Types Of Food To Avoid When Wearing Dentures

11 June

When it comes to caring for dentures, there is not a lot of major differences when compared to caring for natural teeth. You have to do the rinsing and soaking rituals every day, but aside from that, the oral hygiene practices are pretty much the same. That said, you do need to take some additional […]

Could Your Medications Be The Reason Your Teeth Are Discolored?

21 May

Many people have stained, discolored teeth from drinking a lot of coffee or tea. Some people have tooth discoloration because of using tobacco products. Other people have discolored teeth because of poor oral hygiene. However, if you do not use tobacco, drink tea or coffee and you take good care of your teeth, you may […]

Should Your Child Get Cosmetic Dentistry?

04 May

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening and dentures, are becoming more common for children. While it’s more common to wait until adulthood when the teeth have had a chance to fully grow in, some cosmetic procedures are best done right away. Here are some questions to ask to determine if your child should […]